CD: Under A Buffalo Sun by Mignon Geli

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Under A Buffalo Sun
by Mignon Geli

1. Stampede
2. Fly High, Fly Low
3. Buffalo Spirit on This Western Edge (By Stephen Meadows) [feat. Stephen Meadows]
4. Owl Dance
5. Sierra War Cry
6. Eagle and Condor (feat. Michael Di Martino)
7. Native Blues (feat. Michael Dimartino)
8. Seven
9. Lakota Lullabye
10. Buffalo Wild (feat. John Trudell)
11. Under a Buffalo Sun
12. Red Tail
13. Infinity

Album Notes

The Native American style flute music/medicine expressed in this album was inspired by many friends, relations, places I lived, and the causes I support. I taught myself to play this simple instrument when my son gifted me with one 13 years ago, a small cedar flute in the key of B minor. Later I joined a few flute circles and met one of my inspirations, Mary Youngblood, two-time Grammy award winner. As time went on, I purchased and was gifted with more flutes in different keys and would compose my own songs, inspired by my living and hiking in the Sierra Foothills, my involvement in many native causes and organizations, the influence of my musician siblings, native musicians, singers, drummers and dancers. After a year of fluting, I began sharing flute and drum music in a group or solo at many community events. In 2007 I became a radio broadcaster, hosting “Indigenous Soul” at KFOK Community Radio in Georgetown, airing the music and sounds of the indigenous peoples of Turtle Island or the Americas. Check it out

In 2009 I met Goodshield Aguilar, native musician of Lakota and Yaqui ancestry, and spokesperson for the Buffalo Field Campaign, which led to a music collaboration he described as “Indigenous Soul” for the next seven years. Per Goodshield, “Indigenous Soul music, anywhere between acoustic, folk, funk, rock, contemporary-traditional with culturally conscious lyrics and spoken word.” In 2013 I joined the annual Buffalo Field Campaign West Coast Roadshow as we brought awareness through film, stories and music about the plight of the wild buffalo with a mission to protect the last of the wild, genetically pure buffalo in Yellowstone Park. The buffalo was declared the National Mammal last year and this is the 20th anniversary of the Buffalo Field Campaign organization, and the work continues thanks to co-founders Rosalie Little Thunder (RIP) and Michael Mease.

Around 2009, Rose Wood, Bill Jacobson and I founded our own Drum group, “Three River Drum”. Later, I joined a women’s multi-cultural Drum group, “Neena McNair Family Singers”, singing and drumming Native American traditional and contemporary songs in many native languages and at many California native events and gatherings. In 2013 I joined a “Nisenan” rock band, Walan Amana which translates to "the ancient past looking to the future," with Alan Wallace, Goodshield Aguilar, Lindsay Arbaugh, Austin Arista, Travis Lang, and Adam Enos sharing 13 original songs in the Nisenan language which were about the California gold rush from the Nisenan/Maidu perspective. The album released was Honi Coni which translates to "something inside is broken”. These songs, thanks to Goodshield and Alan, have led to a play directed by Jack Kohler “Something Inside is Broken.” We hope to formally release the original Honi Coni album someday if funds can be raised. Check out the Walan Amana Facebook page for more information:

Goodshield and I, as a duo, collaborated on two albums in 2012 and 2014, “Soul-A-Mente” and “Naturally Flute and Drum”. In 2015, The Fifth World album by Goodshield’s 7th Generation Rise band was released, which included me, Johnnie Martinez and special guest John Trudell (“Buffalo Wild”) and is currently available on CD Baby.

Some of the events I have performed solo, as a duo or band include California World Fest, Reggae on the River, Black Hills Unity Concert, Indigenous Peoples Days, Nevada City’s Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festivals, Pow Wows, Big Times, Georgetown Nature Fests, Klamath Salmon Festival, Benbow Arts and Music Festival, San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festivals, Mohawk Strawberry Festivals in NY, San Francisco Exploratorium, San Francisco Opera House, two European music tours, funerals, weddings and so many more. If you happen to call Chapa De Indian Health Center and they put you on hold, you might hear my flute music.

By the way, Anna Kastner of KZFR and I have been co-coordinators or co-Leads and stage managers for the native village at California World Fest since 2009. Last year it was renamed "Global Indigenous Peoples Village". Some of the native artists who have headlined the past few years include John Trudell and Bad Dog, Buffy St Marie, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Chief Caleen Sisk of the Winnemem Wintu Tribe, Martha Redbone, Earth Guardians, Keith Secola, Raye Zaragoza, Supaman, Bear Fox and Kontiwennenhawi, Huayllipacha, Calle Placer, Little Thunder, Percy "War Cloud" & Red Circle, Southern California Mexica Dancers with Bernice Vasquez and Xochitl Palomera, Goodshield Aguilar & 7th Generation Rise, Yolanda Martinez, Lyla June, Desirae Harp, Wakan Waci Blindman, Lawrence Laughing, Loping Wolf, Nash Tavewa, Oscar Rojas, Kim ShiningStar, Johnny Moses, Pamyua, Neena McNair Family Singers, Feather River Singers, and more. For more information visit

Thanks in advance for your support of indigenous music and the protection of the sacred, wild buffalo, “wild is the way….let the buffalo roam… spread the word to save the herd… all life is sacred."

Please visit my FaceBook page to learn more about my music, or to contact me “Mignon Geli -Indigenous Soul Music & Radio Broadcaster” or If you’re interested in Goodshield Aguilar’s music or 7th Generation Rise band, visit Facebook: or his website

Many thanks and blessings….much love and peace!

Mignon Geli